Reigate Ladies Joggers 5 Top Tips for keeping fit over Christmas

While Christmas might well be the most magical time of the year, it's also often the most glutinous, booze-filled and, let's face it, exhausting period in the winter calendar. We tend to throw out their usual diet regime and invariably gain a few pounds. Mainly this is due to excessive eating but we also put less value on exercising. So, we thought we would give you a few top tips to beat the bulge over the Christmas season.

1. Don’t Skip Meals

It’s tempting to think, ‘I wont have breakfast tomorrow as I ate too much for dinner the last night’. However, skipping a meal will leave your body hungry and we are more prone to snacking or picking up a treat to take away the hunger pang and this only leads to counterproductive results

2. Make sports a Christmas tradition

We tend to hunker down with our family and we become less active. Look at incorporating fitness into your Christmas tradition. This could be ice-skating with the family, long family walks, snow ball fights or just good old fashion twister. Release the endorphins for the whole family!

3. Think about your drinking

We all love a tipple at Christmas, actually at RLJ, we love a tipple all year round! Try to make yourself conscious of how much you are drinking. One glass of wine is the equivalent to eating a 44g bar of chocolate. We may drink 5 or 6 glasses on a night out at Christmas – would you really eat 5 -6 chocolate bars in one sitting? Our top tip is to make sure that you drink a glass of water between drinks, not only does it help with rehydration but it also slows down the number of alcoholic drinks that you consume.

4. Set realistic goals

You should set realistic exercise objectives. Aim for at least half an hour per day and you will be very happy when you will achieve that. If you plan one hour or more and not achieve it, you will only end up disappointed. You could always try and aim for 1 RLJ run a week, we can get you out of the house and make your exercise fun.

5. Stay Mindful

If your goal is to stay healthy for Christmas, making small changes can go a long way. Don’t position yourself next to the Roses box and chomp through them without realising. Stay mindful. If you are able to choose your food, fill your plate up with more healthy food, don’t deny yourself anything but never go back for seconds. Eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful of the delicious food that you eat. It has proven that staying mindful whilst eating helps to reduce bad choices.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself. We have a fabulous new pricing structure for 2019 that will allow you unlimited runs for only £25 a month. So, if it all does go wrong and you feel more like a Christmas pudding than a runner, don’t worry. We never stop running and we will be there in 2019 to get you into the best shape of you life!

Love Anna and Emma x