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What other hobbies do you have outside of running?

I run two other businesses, and the family home – I like to be busy! I am mum and have a gorgeous Labrador called Lottie. I like to run and take walks with Lottie, spend time doing fun activities with my family, reading and having fun with my buddies (usually, eating, drinking or dancing or all of the above!). I love going on holiday too, whether it be to discover new places, go skiing or just lounge around in the sunshine!

What question do you get asked the most from your runners?

There’s no one question because we spend most of our runs chattering about all sorts and quizzing each other about every topic under the sun! One thing I am often asked though is what to eat or drink before and after a run. Nutrition is such a crucial part of staying fit and healthy. It’s great to hear everyone’s top tips and share new ideas.

What would you prefer – a hill training or a long run?

Hill training for sure! I love a hill – especially when off-road running. I enjoy the challenge and dynamics of it and the fantastic feeling you get at the top.

Be honest, do you ever feel like not running?

Yes! But often they are the best runs. When you feel least like getting out there the rewards somehow seem greater. Lottie (my labrador) needs exercise everyday so there’s always a good reason to get out there.

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What’s your favourite run you have ever done?

It’s hard to choose one as so many spring to mind. A mixed run on a Monday can be just as much fun as our annual 10k London Winter Run.

One that is very memorable was a snowy, crisp run up on Reigate Hill – we made snow angels, had a snowball fight, fell over a few times and enjoyed a well-earned hot chocolate afterwards. A group of awesome ladies out in the elements doing what we do best – having fun whilst keeping fit!

Running Race for Life in honour of Rochelle (one of our runners who sadly lost her battle with cancer) for Rochelle’s Rockets at Tilgate park with my 10 year old daughter was a very special (if emotional) one too. It epitomised the ethos of RLJ with a huge contingent running in Rochelle’s honour showing determination, friendship and camaraderie and raising lots of money for Cancer Research.

What made you want to start a running club?

We really do want everyone who wants to try running to be able to. We’re totally inclusive. No special kit required. It’s about access not ability. The non-competitive element is so very key to us and our ethos. It’s about keeping fit and feeling good about yourself in a totally safe and relaxed environment.

It’s so lovely to be able to run our own business whilst doing something we love – I feel very lucky indeed plus I get to meet some truly amazing, inspiring, interesting and fun ladies along the way.