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Runners’ coach of the month, decided by you, our lovely bunch of runners is Christine Tucker. Chris has been a run leader with RLJ for 2 years. Chris would be the first to admit that she is not a natural sports lady and spent most of her school days concocting ways to get out of P.E. However, that all changed when she started running over 4 years ago. It is the first sport that she has ever stuck at and more importantly enjoyed! And aren’t we glad she did. I know our team at RLJ are delighted to have her as a run leader. Here are some of the kind words that you have sent in to describe Chris:

“Fun, chatty and always really enthusiastic”

“Chris for coach of the month for her determination, spirit and a role model for perseverance, and she does a mean chat whilst we are running”

“Chris is kind, encouraging and friendly”

“Chris for coach of the month as she ran with RLJ on her birthday”

“Chris is sociable, friendly and smiley”