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I have been running for almost 6 years and I really enjoy it because it’s such a great stress reliever as well as keeping fit in the great outdoors. I have been with RLJ for almost 1 year now, taking part as a coach or helper on several of their courses and runs. I run because it’s an hour a day that is mine, a great time to think and reflect as well as feeling a sense of freedom and happiness which I cannot get in the gym! Running with RLJ is great because the camaraderie and chats of running together with like-minded women make running much more fun and enjoyable!

I am a fully qualified massage therapist with almost 4 years’ experience. I massage people from all walks of life, from office based professionals, weekend warriors to sportsmen and women.


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"I love running" are three words I never dreamed I would put together! I was never particularly sporty at school and would find every possible excuse to avoid P.E. lessons. However all that changed when I joined RLJ in 2013. As my husband so kindly puts it, I "took up running later in life" and I haven't looked back. Running with RLJ has motivated me to achieve what I never thought possible! And an added bonus is that I have met so many lovely ladies. I love that RLJ is so supportive and inclusive. Running with a group makes me run further than I ever do on my own. I guess that's all down to the distraction of running with friends and having a good old natter at the same time!


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I’ve been running on and off for years, but have really got back into it in the last 2 years or so. Part of this rediscovering of running involved me joining RLJ, and I loved running with such a friendly and supportive group. I then had my second baby and have been working hard to get fit again since. Running makes me feel happy, even if I only get out for 20 minutes, the benefits are huge – I feel much more positive and energised.

I have just completed the Leadership in Running Fitness qualification through England Athletics. I decided to do this as a bit of an investment in myself, and also to allow me to share my love of running with others.

I am also a parkrun fanatic – how amazing that there is a free, timed event every week on our doorsteps. If I am not running parkrun, I am donning a hi-vis and being part of the core team to make the parkrun magic happen every week. If you’ve not yet tired it, come along to Reigate’s Priory Park at 9am on a Saturday – you won’t regret it!

Outside of running, I have been a teacher in a secondary school for the last 10 years, but am starting a new adventure as a Special Needs Assistant in a primary school soon. I am also mummy to two little people who I hope will grow up to love running, too.


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I first started running with RLJ when I moved to Surrey with 2 very young children, I didn’t know a soul and thought what better way to meet other Mums.

I love the camaraderie of running with a group, everyone has a different story, and there is always so much to gossip about. It is an inspirational and motivating club full of wonderful ladies from all walks of life.

Running for me is something I do for myself, it helps me clear my head and enables me to deal with some of the challenges being a Mum brings. I have been a nurse for many years specialising in Cardiology. I started running when together with a group of friends we walked a race for life , we were so embarrassed we hadn’t put a bit of effort in we swore to run the next one which we did , we then signed up for a 10k and we have all since run a half marathon .

Not so interesting Fact- In my youth I was in the TA Medical Corps- on basic training I was told I stripped and cleaned my gun like I was flower arranging



I have been running with RLJ for almost 4 and a half years – this is the longest I have ever stuck to any form of exercise! I started out in the beginners group and from there built up my fitness and enthusiasm for running. It makes such a difference to so many aspects of life – besides health and fitness; it is such a feel good thing to do and a great stress buster. Running in a group makes it much easier – everyone is always supportive and there to enjoy their run together.

I know I will always feel good after a run – more positive, more energised, more motivated. When I started running with RLJ, I never thought I would be such an advocate of running or be prepared to run in ALL types of weather – but knowing how good it makes you feel, it is easy to do just that!


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I’ve been running for about 12 years. I love trail running, especially in the cold, muddy winter! I enjoy pushing myself to try new things. I’ve enjoyed a range of different challenges over the years, including an ultra marathon.

I came to RLJ to join their longer distance course and found running with others of a similar ability really helpful and enjoyable.

I run to be outdoors in the fresh air and stay fit physically and mentally-it’s a great stress reliever. I also run for cake and gin. I enjoy running with my husband Steve who runs with (RMJ) although I’m usually trying to catch him up as he’s very speedy! I have recently taken up open water swimming. I love being outdoors and can often be found on my bike or in the garden. I’ve started doing triathlons which is very exciting.

When I am not running I am a primary school teacher (PE LEAD) and Mum to a Teenager but my real claim to fame is that Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood once had a slice of my homemade lemon drizzle cake.



I started running in my mid 40's, after having done no sport for ages, with a small group from work. Once I got going with running regularly I found that I had loads more energy, which is an amazing benefit when you are a single mum of 2 boys!

It took me a while to build up to my first race - 5k Race4Life and then gradually building up to a 10k distance. The first Reigate Half felt like a huge step up, but I had a training plan and built up the miles slowly. I totally loved the event and 2018 will be my 5th year at Run Reigate! I ran the first Reigate Priory parkrun in 2014 and try to go as much as possible, especially touring around to visit different ones. This year I am hoping to complete my parkrun alphabet.

I discovered RLJ a few years ago and found it so amazingly supportive and welcoming as a ladies club. Going out with the groups in the evenings was so inspiring even after a long day in the office. My highlight of the year is definitely the Winter Run, which I think I have done 3 times now with RLJ.

I have gained my Leadership in Running Fitness qualification as I was keen to be able to give back some of the joy I have got from getting outside running (never on a treadmill), being fitter and healthier, as well as a way to meet new people, back to others. I am looking forward to continuing my running journey


I have always loved sports. I grew up in Hong Kong and spent most of my youth playing hockey for Hong Kong or netball. A few years ago I had a nasty ankle injury playing netball and was unable to do any sports. About a year later I still wasn’t exercising but felt ready to start again. My friend asked me if I would do the Brighton Marathon with her and being very naive I said yes, how hard could it be! I went from not running in the October to doing my first half in the February to completing the Brighton Marathon in the April. Not sure I can say that I enjoyed it but it gave me a new found confidence that I could do anything that I set my mind to. Since then I have run two more half marathons but I am not sure I fancy doing another marathon.

I have 3 children who keep me very busy, plus I coach children’s netball. I love being a run leader with RLJ as I get to be outside exercising whilst chatting to people and helping others on their running journey.


Running has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up in South Africa where sports and running played a huge role. My parents used to drop me off at school early and we were made to see how many kilometres we could do before school and by the time I was 9, I was running around 200km a year.

My husband and I both love running and he really inspires me to push myself further. I like to concentrate on 10kms or half marathons, when my husband prefers marathons and triathlons. We both have an infinity for spinning and we used to run a studio in London, exercise is just a huge passion for us.

What I love about running is that it is there for everyone, you don’t have to be good at it, you don’t need to be picked for a team, you just need to put your running shoes on. My son is 7 and has just started running, I love going out with him and seeing that he can get the same enjoyment as me from running outside.

When I am not running, I am busy running my freelance marketing company and looking after my 3 kids.


Like many runners, I started running when my yougest child started school about 6 years ago. A couple of other mums were doing the London Marathon and I thought it would be fun to join them, so my introduction to running was training for the marathon and I well and truly caught the running bug.

My real passion though is trail running. I grew up round this area and would spend my early years hacking through the Surrey countryside. About 3 years ago I got myself a running buddy ‘Lenny the Lurcher’, which sent me back off-roading through the Surrey Hilly and that is how I got in to trail running. Since then I have done the South Downs marathon 100km Ultra, tough ten and a couple of triathlons and duathlons. I recently qualified from and entered the OCC ultra in Chamonix which is part of the UTMB series (Ultra Trail Mont Blanc) and I am waiting to see if I have a place in August!

I absolutely love running, especially in the counrtyside, whatever the weather and I now take groups of runners on guided trail runs out on the Surrey Hills.


I am a busy mum of three and I first started running when my youngest was born to get rid of unwanted baby weight. I signed up to the gym but quickly realised that I only ever went running on the treadmill and this is when I signed up for my first half marathon in Eastbourne.

This is when my love of run started and now I run regulary entering anything from 10km to half marathons. I just love racing, so I dont really mind what the event is. When I am not road running, I am an active member of RPAC, where I am secretary and help with the junior section. I get a lot of enjoyment out of track racing and love anything from 3000m to 15000m.

I have a very busy life with my active family and running gives me a bit of ‘me’ time. I never run with music and instead just enjoy peace and quiet!