It can seem sometimes like the whole world is taking on a challenge.  Only yesterday I was asked to sponsor a lady who was walking the Great Wall of China for charity and I am often blown away by how many people are doing a marathon or ultra marathon, there doesn’t seem to be a normal challenge left anymore.

But there is, there is my challenge, it may not be big and it my not be grand and I may not be the first person to navigate myself around the world whilst only eating red smarties but it is huge to me.  I am going to start running.  I am going to put one foot in front of the other and feel what it is like to be a runner.  I am going to sign up to Run Reigate 5km and I am going to succeed. 

I have recently taken the first step and signed up for the Reigate Ladies Joggers 5km course.  I remember thinking, do I even own the right kit?  What will everyone else be wearing? What if no one talks to me?  What if I collapse in a dribbling mess after 4 minutes, my legs buckling from underneath me and they need to stop the whole course and commandeer 6 of the strongest ladies to carry me back to the start? Luckily for me, it was nothing like that.  They were so friendly, no one even blinked an eyelid at my oversized t-shirt with small moth holes in the back, and Michelle, the lady that was running it was so friendly that my mind was put at ease straight away.  Michelle explained how we would go steady and stop when we needed it and I felt so much better.  Looking around the group I could see that everyone looked as nervous as me.

I am now running every week and I am still putting one foot in front of the other.  I still feel scared when I walk out the door to whether I can do a bit more than I did the previous week.  But this is my challenge, this is my Great Wall of China and I know that in a months time, I will be prepared to take on the challenge of Run Reigate and I will be proud to see my fellow Reigate Ladies Joggers on the course with me, knowing that we are all achieving something great.  So if you see me on September 16th at Run Reigate, give me a wave and take a second to think how hard everyone has worked to achieve their goal. 

Rebecca English