Can I do as many runs as I like?

If you sign up for the Flexi plan - for £20 per month, then you can choose the run that you would like to join. If you would like to add additional runs on, you can do so for £6 per run. If you join the unlimited plan you can turn up to as many run sessions as you like. For example, you could join us on a Monday night for the Improvers course, wake up to a mixed ability run on Wednesday morning, run with us from Bletchingley on a Friday and kick start your weekend with a run with us on a Saturday.

Do I need to pay membership to RLJ?

No, there is no membership to RLJ

Do I need to sign up to a contract?

There’s no contract or tie in for the Flexi or the Unlimited but we do ask for a 6 month tie in for Unlimited Plus.

Are all courses included?

We want to make the courses as accessible to you as possible. All courses are included for Unlimited Runners except for those run by an external coach for example Run and Strength and the longer distance courses. If you opt for Unlimited Plus then there is no top up to be paid.

Do I need to register for courses?

Yes, we ask that you register for courses. The courses are usually based on achieving a goal. They build a sense of camaraderie over the weeks as the challenge of the course progresses. We therefore ask that if you want to join, you must let us know at the beginning of the course and not enter half way through it.

How many runs a week would I need to do to make it worthwhile?

We have developed the unlimited plan to try and make it more accessible for our runners to run more. If you can run 5 times a month you will break even on the plan. So, that’s only 1 run a week and 1 other run. Our aim is to really help improve your fitness levels and stamina with an extensive range of sessions.