Our mission is to make running as accessible as possible to all. The more you run, the easier the running is and the more you enjoy. It is not only your body that reaps the benefits but also the mind and the mind is so crucial to look after in this busy world that we live in.


For £25 a month you can have unlimited runs. Choose from any of the 16 sessions that we hold a week and join in. This includes any course that isn’t run by an external coach, like our run and strength and longer distance.

Please note that we ask you to let us know when you want to attend a mixed ability session so that we can plan our coaching resource. We also ask that if you want to join a course you start from the beginning of the course as these work on weekly progression.


For £20 a month you can run with us once every week. This can be any session that you choose except for any course run by an external coach. If you find that you would like to go for an extra run you can do so at the pay-as-you go rate of £6 a run.


For £50 a month you can upgrade to our fantastic Unlimited PLUS Plan. This plan has some amazing advantages - click here for more info.

Please feel free to talk to your run leader about what payment plan would suit you best.

Please visit our FAQ pricing page for any questions you may have or talk to your run leader on your next run.

Ready to sign up? Click here to make your first payment! We will send you an email once we receive your order to let you know how to set up your regular monthly payment.

Love Anna and Emma x