During October here at RLJ we are actively promoting Positive Mental Health. Did you know as little as 10 minutes a day can help alleviate depression?

We have gone green for October and are encouraging you all to continue running throughout the darker,colder, wetter months not only for physical fitness but also for the amazing benefits it brings the mind.

Running is an amazing release. You can start a session feeling worried, stressed, upset or generally not feeling great. After an hour of being outdoors in the fresh air, with other lovely ladies, pushing yourself, chatting or listening to others chatting, increasing your heart rate, releasing natural endorphins running brings it can turn a day around completely.

Running and keeping active also helps you sleep better, eat well and feel more in control of things around you. All these things will help make you feel better and have a more positive outlook on life. Problems can be tackled with a clearer head, perspective can be gained and empathy for others can be found to help you understand why people are acting in a certain way towards you.

Please also support others during our Mental Health Awareness month. Encourage those who may be finding it difficult to run, exercise or socialise at the moment. Those that maybe having a hard time at home, work, with families or feeling physically lethargic. Bring them along with you, send them a message to check they are coming to a session, give them a lift, ask them if they are alright when running.

Now here is a fact. If you ask someone once are they alright? They will most likely respond with a yes. If you ask them a second time are they really alright? They are more likely to open up and tell you what’s going on and in turn you maybe able to offer a supportive ear or some advice.

Running is also a great time to chat to others as we don’t run face to face so its not confrontational. We are all equals in our run kit no one is your boss, or your colleague. Open up, chat, enjoy this very special space and unique time together. 

At RLJ we are all in it together, life can be though but running definitely can and WILL help. The only run you will regret is the one you don’t do.

Go Green for October, keep running and help your fellow RLJ members do the same.

We will be offering lots of helpful articles throughout October, positive messages, a special run, helpful hints and tips to keep us all on track along the way.

Our Ultimate and Flexi packages are a great way to help support you along the way. You can run as much as you like for £25 a month. If you are not already on the plan, make October the time to do it. We have a jammed packed timetable with sessions on offer during the day time, evening and weekends. There really is something for everyone.

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Do you feel great when you have finished a run?

If you could bottle this feeling would you?

Remember it and make it encourage you to put your trainers on and go again soon after. Try to make it a positive habit, try to make it a great addiction, try to enjoy the feeling of feeling good guilt free. 

“I still don’t fully understand why lacing up my trainers and getting out there holds back my previously debilitating anxiety, but I don’t think I’m overdoing it when I say running gave my life back. And nobody was more surprised than I was.” Bella Mackie 4th March 2019