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The vast majority of people that lose weight and keep it off are exercisers.  Yo-yo diets and fad exercises may have short term results but research shows that maintaining a healthy diet and consistent level of exercise is the best  way to keep those pounds off

Crushing a couple of miles in running, especially if you are new to the running game, requires commitment, endurance and mental strength.  But equally it is the same strength and determination that has helped so many women runner’s lose weight for good.

So why is running so good for you?

  • It burns both fat and carbohydrate calories, both of which contribute to weight gain

  • It tones muscle and trims your physique.  It has also been linked with a decrease in cellulite

  • Running is fantastic for your mental health.  It you are in a great place mentally, it will help you to make healthier food choices.

  • Running in a group pushes you to run further, dig harder, get fit and make friends

  • Most fat-burning programs don’t include enough cardio work.  Whist strength work is important, it must be combined with continued cardiovascular work in order to achieve desired fat burning results.

Most importantly, at Reigate Ladies Joggers we make exercise fun.  Research shows that if you are doing something that you enjoy, you are more likely to stick at it.  We love seeing the comradery between our runners. Use your new friends to make goals, try and beat them to how many runs you can do a week or aim to win our monthly prize for the most amount of runs out of all our runners in a month..  

Alternatively, take on a new challenge.  Run Reigate is coming up in September and we will be running courses throughout spring and summer to get you ready, whether you want to take on your first 5km, 10km or a half marathon.  We also have our very popular Run and Strength courses starting again after Easter, this is a fantastic way to get stronger and improve muscle definition.

Talk to us about what you want to achieve, whether that be fitting into a summer dress or empowering yourself to take on a new challenge  and we can discuss the best options with you.

Love Anna and Emma