Anna Feeney

I joined RLJ 9 months ago. I was very unfit and had never run before but thanks to Anna and Emma, I have found a love for running. It is such a friendly group where I have made new friends. I can't recommend them highly enough!

Asha Roy

I joined RLJ in September last year, having done very little running other than the Race for Life 5k. Last weekend I completed my first 10k and am planning to run the Reigate Half Marathon this September, with a few races in between!  At 21, I am probably one of the youngest members but have enjoyed meeting lots of new people and chatting whilst we run around the streets of Redhill and Reigate. As coaches, Anna and Emma are always supportive and encouraging. Looking forward to the next race together!

Nikki Starling

Last spring I joined the RLJ group, l was quite nervous as I'd never really stuck with  running before.  I thought I didn't fit the criteria of being a runner and had always found running extremely difficult. However, group running with RLJ is fantastic, the beginners group builds you up slowly with a walking/jogging emphasis so that before you know it, you are starting to  run! It's such a friendly group of like minded people and you are initially all beginners so it's much less daunting than a mixed ability group. I have found running with others makes you go faster and further than you ever would on your own, I even found new places! Personally I wanted to run to improve my fitness level and it has certainly achieved this, as during February I ran my first ever 10km. I have found the added benefits of having more energy, changing body shape and boosting my immune system fantastic and I can now say I don't want to stop running! Thanks girls for all the support and encouragement. It's amazing what can happen after the first few steps!

Alma Botes

A friend told me about Reigate Ladies Joggers. 
As I am a very average runner, I have always been very afraid of joining a running club, but believe me, since the firat time I ran with them, I have been hooked! 
The coaches Anna and Emma are amazing, always supportive, encouraging, motivating, and understanding. 
All of the other ladies are great, and I have made many good friends. 
When RLJ say that they cater for all abilities, they really mean it - from beginners, to marathon runners, from slow runners (like me) to the speedy gazelles.
Anna and Emma make sure that each person runs to their own ability on each run, and they vary the workouts, no two runs are ever the same.
And it is not just running, we have had several drinks evenings, where you can leave the lycra at home and get glammed up. 
On Sunday 53 of us went to London by coach to run the Winter 10k, all organised by Anna and Emma - all we had to do was get on the coach, run, and get back on the coach to be driven home.  How amazing is that?
I am so very happy I joined RLJ, and would say to anyone who is nervous or scared to join a group of lovely ladies who run - don't be! It will be the best decision you make.