Nothing gives us greater pleasure than hearing feedback from our ladies. We love knowing the difference that running makes to you all and listening to your comments to try and make our running community stronger and stronger.


From Jo

“Chris Tucker is absolutely such a wonderful coach. She is so inclusive of everyone’s ability and always puts a positive spin on every run whether it be a good or tough one. RLJ is just fabulous and positivity and inclusiveness is something which I think you all do so amazingly… I really never exercised and it was always so scary and I avoided group things my whole life until RLJ. You really have created something fantastic.”


From Anna

“I’ve been running with Reigate Ladies Joggers for 4 years now and I can’t recommend them highly enough. People were surprised when I first joined because I’ve never been into sport, never mind running but this lovely group got me from not being able to run at all and hating it to being able to run without stopping and loving it! The coaches couldn’t be more supportive and I’ve made some good friends. It is very inclusive, all abilities are welcomed.”


From Clare

“The most inclusive, friendly and encouraging group I found. I went from not being able to run for 5 minutes to doing a 10k in 65 minutes just 10 months later. I never felt under pressure on the sessions, picked up some great tips and laughed a lot. Looking forward to getting back to it in the new year.”


From Ceryl

“Best decision I ever made joining Reigate Ladies Joggers. Joined in February 2017 unable to even run for 30seconds. Now few runs and races later ! - what I enjoy is the encouragement, advice and all the support from the wonderful coaches at RLJ. If I can can start from the very beginning then so can everybody else. Don’t be scared to take the plunge as we have all been there before and the amazing coaches will help and support you along the way. Keep up the amazing work RLJ and team. Xxxx”


From CHarlotte

“Before I had my baby I used to run with RLJ on a Monday evening. When my little boy arrived exercise was out the window, that was until I saw RLJ were running a babyfit course. I have really enjoyer exercising with my little man by my side in his buggy. Babyfit has allowed me to ease back into exercise without the worry of finding someone to watch my baby and being able to socialise with the other ladies has been great. Lucie and Anna are amazing instructors and I will be signing up for the next babyfit course. Thank you so much!”