Winter Run 2019 – Taking On A Challenge

We are sure that when people see photos of the 100’s of runners that took to the street on Sunday for the Winter run, they probably thought that they could never do it. That these events were only for runners, for people that have been ‘sporty’ their whole life or people that run 5 times a week. We wanted to give you an insight into the people that are really running these events.

Meet Maria. Maria joined us in September last year after her neighbour Lindsay recommended that she joined us. Up to that stage she had never run before. Maria joined our beginners course and went from zero to 5km in a matter of weeks. Maria said:

“I joined last September and straight away felt welcomed and encouraged by the fantastic team. It was also a great way to meet people in a new area; our beginners group has become a lovely support network, in and out of run times! We all went gradually from zero to 5k”

Maria 3.jpg

Anna suggested that Maria took on the 10km Winter Run as her next challenge, which Maria did with gusto. Maria had lost her best friend to cancer and loved the idea of doing the run in honour of her and to help fund more research. Not only did Maria complete the 10km course but she also raised £1000 in the process and enjoyed the experience.

“Never having run any race, not even a 5km, I had been a bit nervous but was amazed how much I enjoyed it. The bands, the choirs, the crowds, all made for an emotional and fabulous experience. My daughter was there to cheer us on and got some lovely photos of me crossing the line with Emma, my Sunday buddy”

“I can’t even tell you how much I enjoy RLJ… I never feel too slow for a group, I love that we all chat and have a laugh while still building up our distance and our stamina. I now do two runs a week and feel great

afterwards. Being part of a club is so wonderful, the community spirit was really evident on Sunday as other members passing would offer a wave or a cheer of support. I would recommend this group to anyone who thinks they’re not fit enough or fast enough - challenge yourself, you will be amazed at how well you do whilst having fun too!”

If you would like to be like Maria and take on a new challenge why not join one of our next beginners courses that start on 25th February or 28th February and like Maria, you can feel good, make friends and feel proud of your new achievements