Monday evenings and Thursday mornings

6 week Beginner Running Course just £45       

Monday 7.30pm from St Bedes - next course starts Monday 6th November (6 weeks for £45) 

Monday 7.30pm from Horsham Park, Horsham - next course starts Monday 6th November (6 weeks £45)

Monday 7.30pm from Oxted School, Oxted - next course starts Monday 6th November (6 weeks £45)

Thursday 9.30am from Old Reigatians - next course starts Thursday 2nd November 2017 (6 weeks for £45)

Thursday 9am-10am from Queens Park, Caterham - next course starts Thursday 2nd November 2017 (6 weeks for £45) 

Thursday 9.30am-10.30am from Horsham Park, Horsham - next course starts Thursday 2nd November  2017 (6 weeks for £45)

Thursday 9.30am-10.30am from The Carpenter's Arms, Oxted - next course starts Thursday 9th November 2017 (6 weeks for £45)


I never thought I would actually enjoy running, but now I really look forward to my running mornings and thoroughly enjoy them.

Our beginner running courses are perfect for those who would like to learn to jog in the company of others in the same situation as you. If you are keen to get fitter but may not have ever run before or have had a break from running this is just the course for you.  The course eases you into jogging starting with just 30 seconds at a time, and building up over the 6 weeks. The groups are designed so that each individual's needs can be taken into account, and we will help develop your personal fitness by understanding your fitness needs and goals.  No one is ever left behind during a session, we all stay together. The course will give you support, encouragement, and lots of different tips and advice for improving your stamina, tackling hills and increasing your distance.  The main aim is to enjoy what you are doing in the fresh air and feel great afterwards! 

We'd love to welcome you.  Please complete the form below and we'll send you all the details!

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Last spring I joined the RLJ group, l was quite nervous as I'd never really stuck with  running before.  I thought I didn't fit the criteria of being a runner and had always found running extremely difficult. However, group running with RLJ is fantastic, the beginners group builds you up slowly with a walking/jogging emphasis so that before you know it, you are starting to  run! It's such a friendly group of like minded people and you are initially all beginners so it's much less daunting than a mixed ability group. I have found running with others makes you go faster and further than you ever would on your own, I even found new places! Personally I wanted to run to improve my fitness level and it has certainly achieved this, as during February I ran my first ever 10km. I have found the added benefits of having more energy, changing body shape and boosting my immune system fantastic and I can now say I don't want to stop running! Thanks girls for all the support and encouragement. It's amazing what can happen after the first few steps! - Nikki