RLJ Ambassador photo.jpg

 Our RLJ Ambassadors:

  • Have great interpersonal skills.

  • Are good listeners and really care about others.

  • Love meeting new people and striking up a conversation.

  • Help us engender the RLJ ethos amongst our members.

  • Can spot the nervous runner and scared runner and find a way to make them feel comfortable.

Our Ambassadors aren’t coaches or run leaders or run assistants.  

Our Ambassadors are people who love RLJ, can identify with and spread the word about the RLJ ethos.

These lovely ladies will introduce themselves, introduce new/nervous/quiet runners to others and help them relax and enjoy.

These ladies aren’t necessarily the life and soul but able quietly chat to the newer member or that runner who doesn’t look like she is with anyone else.  They will bring them into the group gently as in any social situation.

Our Ambassadors are inclusive, friendly, helpful and answer questions that you not wish to ask in open forum.

Our Ambassadors are aware of new RLJ  developments and will be able to answer questions such as:  payment plan options, course content, races, how mixed ability runs work (nobody ever gets left behind, we loop and scoop) and that we are a lovely non-competitive sociable run group.

These lovely ladies work with the run leader to make sure everyone is enjoying their run.

They are responsible to and ambassadors for the Head Coaches Anna & Emma and to provide them with feedback as and when required.

They all wear Ambassador t-shirts so you can identify them easily.

Hope you get to meet one of them very soon!

Love Anna & Emma